Making health a priority: some tough love

Author: Bianca Monahan   Date Posted:1 February 2017 

Health to me is something that is invaluable. If you have your health, so much of everything else sort of falls into place (even business success). I don’t necessarily mean just physical fitness, but overall mind and body wellness as a whole.
As the resident office PT and “health nut”, I have always tried to bring health and wellness back to its roots. To re-teach the team old simple habits that used to be, and to try and repair people’s relationship with food and healthy exercise. It’s not always an easy journey, nothing ever is these days, though I am still constantly shocked by the number of people who think health or fitness is just too hard. It truly astounds me but I have learned that the drive must come from the individual, not from me.
I don’t believe forcing someone into doing anything will ever work. You can give someone all the diet or exercise advice in the world, but unless they want to do it for themselves, nothing will change. That’s what I, and others just like me, are here for. For support, advice and a gentle nudge.
That being said, there is also nothing wrong with a little tough love and motivation when you need it. Sometimes we have to hear the hard truths to get us going. As a personal trainer I often vicariously balance on the fence between a gentle nudge and full-blown push off the cliff. That balance is sometimes hard for me when I’m back in the office with my “corporate hat” on because I never want to appear superior to those who don’t make health a priority. Yet on the other hand it kills me to see someone with so much potential give it all away because they have no drive or just can’t be bothered.
To me health is EVERYTHING. Without it, what do we have? While I understand that not everyone needs to be as passionate about health and fitness as I am, you CAN make it a priority if you want to. And you should! Today’s post isn’t about forcing anyone to do something they don’t want to do. It’s also not about shaming. I’m just stripping things back again to see if you’re masking your goals with excuses or reasons that are holding you back.
Ok time for the no BS approach. Let’s talk about your priorities. Think about what is important to you. Family, friends, health, job, career, money?
What I want to highlight here is that if you make wellness a priority, it doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t value your family or job or friends any less! This is where I think people fall into a guilt trap. They think that only one category can have their undivided attention and the others fall to the wayside or are piled into the excuses bucket. Don’t get me wrong, family- especially children- should ALWAYS be up the top. But that top shelf still has some room for some self-maintenance. After all, wouldn’t we all be better parents or better working professionals if we were healthy and full of energy with fresh mental clarity?
I realize that not everyone is as passionate about health and fitness as I am, and at the end of the day it IS perfectly ok if it’s not a priority to you. It doesn’t make you a bad person! Again, this isn’t about shaming anyone. If you have accepted that you are happy with the way your health and life is then that is truly ok.
Do you know what isn’t ok though? Wanting to make a change and making excuses as to why you can’t.
YES, YOU BLOODY CAN. If you want something enough, you will do everything in your power to achieve it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a busy CEO who works 15 hour days, you will find the time to get out and walk for half an hour a day maybe while taking a phone meeting. It doesn’t matter if you’re a mother of 5, you will find the time to do 5 mins of squats while you make dinner. It doesn’t matter if you work 3 jobs and go to Uni, you will find time to do 100 push-ups a night before bed. It doesn’t matter if you’ve broken your leg, you’ll make sure your diet is on point while you recover. IF (and that’s a big IF) IT’S IMPORTANT TO YOU.
If it’s not, that’s ok! Just don’t kid yourself and pretend it’s out of your control. Making healthy habits is one of the few things in life you have complete control over. While I would never pretend all illness and disease is totally avoidable, lifestyle illnesses and autoimmune disorders ARE preventable. It just takes a little ommph!
That little ommph lies now with you. Are you willing to give a little extra to gain so much more? Or are you happy with a quick fix and mediocre existence?
The ball is in your court.



Bianca Monahan, PA to the CEO
Bianca is a qualified personal trainer with over 6 years industry experience specialising in general fitness, nutritional health, pre and postnatal exercise and general wellbeing. Currently undertaking a bachelor of health science and nutritional medicine, she is the wattsnext champion of all things health and ensures everyone in the office is making their daily step count! 


Bianca Monahan


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