Who should do the bosses performance review?

Author: Matthew Stent   Date Posted:1 March 2017 

While it is important for employees to receive feedback from their boss, it is also important for the boss to subject themselves to some critical assessment. Given that the buck stops with the boss, you need to ensure you are doing things right and these measurements must come from all angles to ensure you are performing at your best as a leader.
At the end of each quarter it is a great idea to pause and take stock of your own progress in both your business and your personal life. Being able to stop and reflect allows you to measure where you are and where you want to be. You can also evaluate what is working and what isn’t, and make the necessary changes to ensure your business and your life keep moving in the direction you want.
Your financial measures will normally consist of targets based on revenue, gross profits, net profits and other goals, however the real question is “are you where you want to be?”.
You will need to drill down a bit further to really answer this question. Reflect on what has been positive and what areas have needed improvement. Points to expand on will cover sales, profit, your interactions with your team, your teams’ interactions with you, and a self-critique of your own personal performance.  You will also need to acknowledge the things you didn’t get around to but know need your attention and establish what the barriers are that are holding you back from getting these done.
Be brave enough to seek feedback from your Managers. This can bring great insight into how you can improve your interactions and if you are being realistic in the expectations you are placing on your leaders to achieve the business goals you have set. By including your major suppliers and evaluating your competitors progress within this loop you can get a full 360 view of what is keeping you from achieving your goals.
Ask yourself, if you looked back at this moment in three months’ time, what would have to have happened for it to be a great quarter and for you to feel amazingly proud? What would you have to do? What would you need to accomplish? Goal setting is critically important to get you to where you want to be. This can set your charter for your next challenge and be the measuring stick to get you closer to where you want to be. Don’t be afraid to dream a little and make your vision thrilling so you feel compelled to really go for it.
While these business factors seem to be the most pressing, your life need not take a back seat in your dogged determination to reach your goals.  James Clear has theorised that life has four burners – 1) Work, 2) Family, 3) Health and 4) Friends, and that “to be successful you have to cut off one of your burners. And in order to be really successful you have to cut off two.” But how much “Gas” are you giving each of your “burners”? Let’s include measures of these in the Bosses Performance Review.
Score yourself 1 to 10 for your own satisfaction from life and note what was positive and what you would change. Self-assess your satisfaction with life on topical areas of family, friends, relationships, fun, recreation, health, money, personal growth, physical environment, sleep and mental rest. Be honest as you’ll only be lying to yourself!  This is an important step to make so you can be alert for any potential creepers that effect your mental health.
We have a sign in the wattsnext office that is proudly displayed as a reminder to ourselves. It reads “You are responsible for the energy that you bring in to this space”. Through your own self-awareness, you will become more aware of your own actions and that of others and be able to provide better leadership through your own physical efforts and energy, leading to better results across multiple factors in your life. 

Matthew Stent, HR Strategist
Matthew is an internationally experienced human resources practitioner having more than 15 years of experience working within the international public sector, global projects community, multi-national companies, and local firms. 


Matthew Stent

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