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A dynamic team of accomplished HR and Performance specialists providing a powerful pathway to new levels of business and people performance.

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You often hear it said that successful business is fundamentally about good people, good communication and good decisions. At wattsnext we're about so much more than 'successful' business. Amazing is our benchmark.

We understand that the key to amazing business performance is having the very best people in the right roles doing the right things in support of your vision and goals, day in day out. 

Our experienced HR specialists step right into your world to take the pain out of recruiting, managing and motivating your people, and workplace legislation. We call it 'HR insourcing' because it's having all the HR resources you need at your fingertips, like they're your own.

Behind high-level strategic HR, there lies many operational and administrative considerations all requiring practical tools, templates, methodologies and processes that underpin and support the HR function. For more information on HR management click here.

Today's successful organisations are defined by their capacity to evolve, adapt and grow. At wattsnext we help our clients to create a culture that fuels people performance to achieve amazing results. For more information on people performance click here.


Getting the very best people is the critical first step in building a peak performance culture and putting you on the path to amazing business outcomes. For more information on recruiting amazing people for your business click here.

Our compliance capabilities are highly developed and tested. We provide quality affordable advice and use our practical and commercial experience to develop strategies to minimise risk for you, the business owner. For more information click here.


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